Friday, 16 May 2014

REMINDER: Friday 23rd May 2014 - Closure Day - Staff Training

NEXT WEEK - National Walk to School Week!
Next week we are encouraging all children at Abercanaid to walk, scoot or ride their bike to school as part of National Walk to School Week. This term we are learning a lot about health and fitness, keeping safe and the environment. Walking to school links in with all of these areas of the school curriculum. 

We understand that some of our children live some distance away from the school, if you are unable to walk all of the way perhaps you could park further away from the school and walk some of the way to enable your children to take part. This week will count towards the schools bid to be recognised as a
"BIKE IT" (Scoot IT, Walk IT)  school.

Junior Children will be using the week to record data to see if we can make a real impact! 
As always... thank you for your support!  

Friday, 9 May 2014

School Visit to Sennedd

On Wednesday of this week Y6 and members of the school council visit the Welsh Assembly Government in Cardiff Bay. Children were guests of Mr Huw Lewis (Merthyr AM, and Education Minister) - who gave them a tour of the Senedd and answered all of their questions.  Pupils were pleased also to return the hospitality and Welcome Mr Lewis to the school for a Q+A session this morning. 

We would like to thank Mr Lewis for taking time out of his schedule to give our pupils a real insight in to the workings of the Government of Wales. 

National Tests
This week children in Years 2 to 6 have taken part in National Reading and Numeracy tests.
All the children have work hard to apply the skills that they have been learning this year. Results from these tests will be reported to parents next half term. We will keep you posted.

Year 6 - National Cycle Training
This week children in Year 6 have also received cycle training from Mr Lyndon Bridges and Mr Owen Clay. The scheme is a joint venture between The Fire and Rescue Service and Merthyr Road Safety.
All children who have taken part in the training have achieved Level 1 and most have completed Level 2.
Rain stopped play on Thursday but we are hoping to arrange a date in the next few weeks to allow everyone to complete the course. A huge thank you to Mr Bridges and Mr Clay for their input this week.

School Nurse and Police Visits
The school nurses (Rob Trailor and Gaynor Barkhouse) visited again this week to deliver Stay Healthy Lessons.
Nursery - have had a lesson from Dirty Bertie - Catch it, Bin it, Kill it
Year 1 - have learnt about the importance of  Hygiene
Year 3 - have learnt about Fats and Sugars and the 5 a day Message

Pc Rogers has also worked with Year 4 children on Internet Safety.