Monday, 22 June 2015

Cricket: Glamorgan Final

After winning the Merthyr cricket tournament at Hoover's a couple of weeks ago, we were invited to play in the Glamorgan District Final today at Miskin Manor Cricket Club. 

Unfortunately we didn't make it to the National Final, losing to more experienced cricket teams. The children who took part played some great cricket and gave an excellent account of the school however. Mr Bevan is massively proud of their efforts making it this far! Da iawn! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

London Trip

Hi all. We've just left the M4 and joined the A470. Expecting to be back in Abercanaid at the garages around 10:20pm.

London Trip

Hi all.

Lots of traffic on M4, just leaving the services at Membury. We hope to be back in Abercanaid at around 10:30pm.

Will post again when we get onto the A470.

Matilda Trip

Hi all!! 

We've arrived safely in London and are eagerly waitng, ready to go in to watch Matilda! 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Election 2015
Year 5 children have been working hard this past term, forming political parties, formulating policies campaigning hard to gain votes from pupils and staff at the school. Elections have taken place to day. Turn out was excellent estimated to be at 98.7%.  The candidate of the winning party will gain a place on the school council with immediate effect and will continue throughout next year. 

to all of our political parties and their candidates. It has been a well fought campaign...

The results are in... you'll have to watch this slide show if you want to find out the result...