Sunday, 15 January 2017

Digital Leaders (Year 5/6)

Dear Parents/Guardians

The "Digital Leaders" were selected because of their interest and confidence in using digital technology. As part of their role, they will be taught different skills linked to technology which they will then teach to not only other children but staff also. They will be supporting both pupils and staff in the development of ICT across the school and taking responsibilities in managing the equipment.

As part of our staff meeting this Tuesday, we will be looking at some key components of our school website and we would love for as many of our “Digital Leaders” as possible to join us so that they can learn alongside their teachers and support them in the future with updating and developing our website.

Our staff meeting will begin straight after school and the children will be sent home at half 4.

Please can you let Miss Morgan or Mr Bevan know if you are able to stay on Tuesday.

(This letter will be sent home on Monday)